for connecton design

The design of the structural steel connections by a component/failure mode method and the component based finite element method on level of master courses is prepared below in the pptx and pdf formats for


                        Beam to column moment connection, pdf, pptx

                        Joint of hollow to open section, pdf, pptx

                        Column base, pdf, pptx


These lectures were prepared under the projekt TA03010680

Design of structural steel connections by finite element method

This project introduces the prediction of behaviour of structural steel connections by the component based finite element method (CBFEM). The distribution of internal forces in connection is analysed by finite element method. The connectors’ behaviour is modelled by analytical models as components. The method enable to design complex joints generally loaded. The check for slender plates is introduced to allow a design of local buckling at post-critical stage of joint. The resistance is checked by limiting the strain of plates and resistance of  connectors (weld, bolts, anchor bolts). The prediction of initial stiffness and deformation capacity is natively included. 








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