Eurosteel Steering Committee

The Eurosteel Conferences are a European University organised activity focussing on the improvement of education through strengthening of the research work in the field of structural steel. There should be a strong focus on young researchers attending the Conferences by having a reduced fee for this category of participants. The Conferences are expected to be organised each three years on a non-commercial basis to be open and attractive to the entire structural steel community. The meeting of the Steering Commitees are organised at each Eurosteel Conference by its Local Organiser to select the next place of the Conference, improve and upgrade of Eurosteel conference idea, and stress the co-operation with structural steel industry and ECCS.


News from Eurosteel Steering Committee

Agenda for Delft meeting 2023, Minutes for Delf meeting 2023

Presentation Krakov 2023, Presentation Krakov 2026

Presentation Manchester 2029


Materials of Eurosteel Steering Committee

Rules of Steering CommitteeProsal for logo by L. Dunai



Minutes for meeting Sep 5, 2022, Agenda for meeting Sep 5, 2022,

Minutes of the Sheffield meeting, Agenda for the Sheffield meeting,

Minutes of the Copenhagen meetingAgenda for the Copenhagen meeting

Minutes of the Naples Meeting, Agenda for the Naples Meeting

Minutes of the Budapest meeting 2011,

Minutes of the Graz meeting 2008

Minutes of the Maastricht meeting 2005

Coimbra meeting 2002

Prague meeting 1999

Athens meeting 1995



Application of organisation of next Eurosteel conference   


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