Sustainable Constructions under natural hazards and catastrophic events

The master course is open for all interested students, which fulfill the minimum requirements. For further information please consult FAQ.

The participation fee for self-paid students is 2700 €/year for non-European students and 900 €/year for EU citizens.
The self-funded student has to cover his/her travel and living expenses, as well as health insurance.

For meritorious students Politehnica University of Timisoara and the partner Universities provide special scholarships till 75% of the fee.

Politehnica can provide social care by free lodging (2 students per room condition) and free noon meals.

If you apply the Consortium requires a 1 000 € deposit which is refundable if you cannot for a serious reason join the programme. If you successfully start the programme, the deposit will be deducted from your first semester participation fee. The deposit must be paid by 31th July 2018.

The deadline for application is 15th May 2018 at 24:00.



The signed Application form and all required documents have to be sent in pdf format by e-mail  on address

The documents must be submitted in the UNIFIED FORMAT, i.e. the pdf files must be named in a following way by document, your surname and your name:














If your University issues the degree and the transcript of records in English or with English supplement, you don’t have to submit the attachments 05 and 07.

The receiving of the application will be confirmed by e-mail. We do so individually, not by an automatic reply, so it can take few days. Documents will be checked and the applicant will be informed whether any document is missing or is insufficient.


Application form:    in PDF format,     in RTF format, and      in ZIPped rtf format.

The application can be filled in hand, however, we prefer the electronic version, if possible.


For format of RESIDENCE CERTIFICATE please consult FAQ.

Information relating to individuals (personal data) is collected and used in accordance with the Directive 95/46 EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 24 October 1995 (Official Journal L 281 , 23/11/1995 P. 0031 – 0050).



All 28 EU countries + Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, and Turkey are considered as European countries under the EM prgramme. Applicants with these nationalities should apply under Cat B.

All other countries are considered Third Countries. Students with a nationality of a Third Country should apply under Cat A unless they fall on the 12-month rule. Then they should apply under Cat B.  

If the student carry out his main activity (studies, work, etc.) for more than a total of twelve months over the last five years in the following European Union State Members, the application is treated as from EU countries.



Students, who have not completed their Civil Engineering degree but predict to graduate before 31 July, can apply to the Masters course and receive a grant. If selected, their admission will be conditional on the receipt of the degree certificate by the Consortium coordinator  before 31 July.


VISA for third-country students

The consortium staff will provide all needed documents for visa application. The detailed support is prepared and will be available after finalizing the enrolment.



The students with special needs may come with accompanying persons, companion and/or children, and that a person may have special needs, is taken into account and special dispositions will be offered (accommodation in specifically equipped and/or more spacious apartment). In the case of accompanying children, the Universities can also provide help for child-care and/or school registration.



For further information please consult FAQ.

 Last update: Mar 2017