Materials for Application for Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degrees (EMJMD) 2016

Sustainable Constructions under Natural Hazards and Catastrophic Events SUSCOS_M


ANNEXES - continuation


6 CVs of Key Experts

CVs of key experts


7 Multiple Diplomas

The full texts of Multiple Diplomas  


8 Multiple Diplomas Supplements

The full texts of Multiple Diplomas Supplements


9 Joint Diploma with Supplements

The full texts of Multiple Diplomas and Supplements  


10 Student Application Form

The Student Application Form


11 Leaflet of Programme

The programme SUSCOS_M is presented at WEB page, at Facebook and by leaflets


12 Model Scholars Agreement

The model scholar agreement is prepared according to the ACEA recommendation,


13 Model Partner Financial Agreement

This Partner financial agreement is prepared to distribute budget between the partners in Consortium for providing the courses SUSCOS_M for Edition X-X


14 Learning Outcomes of Courses

Learning outcomes for courses



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